“We build Houses for your Homes !”

This is an astronomical Mission Statement brought to truth by the well-knit team of our Consultants, Contractors and Suppliers. We have well cured alliances with – the Leading Architects of Jaipur, Eminent Structural Designers, Qualitative Material Suppliers and the most sought after Contractors.


We strongly believe in the Sanctity and Integrity of a “Home”. We realize that Houses made up of walls and roofs make “Homes” only when –

  • They are adequately Strong & Safe to sustain a family through generations
  • They are well planned according to sound Architectural principles, from the ancient “Vaastu science” to State-of-the-art modern style, so as to provide an intelligent, healthy, enriching living environment for the inhabitants.

Also, some desirable features of “Homes” are that –

  • They should be smartly designed so as to provide comfort and peace to inhabitants of every age and health
  • They should be energy-efficient and environment-friendly
  • They should be priced intelligently to efficiently cater to the specific projected clientele

In the same breath, we religiously follow the Engineering Codes of Premium Civil Construction, complemented with High-grade material, Eminent designing and Immaculate Workmanship.
Guided by our Vision & Mission, we center our working around these principles & carry out the construction process with a passion similar to somebody building their own “Home” !


Mr. Inderpreet Singh Arora
The Chairman and Managing Director,
Singh Pride Builders & Developers Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Singh is a proud Engineer by qualification.
After some well-earned exposure with a couple of Fortune-200 companies of the world … and a brief stint with Real Estate business in NCR …

In 2006, Mr. Singh spearheaded the foundation of a Building & Developing entity at Jaipur.

His innate mission is to provide Righteous Quality. The organization’s Mission Statement reflects exactly that – We build houses for your Homes!

He never wanted to churn out houses from an assembly-line .. instead he builds “Homes” with personalized attention and focus, with sincere quality like when constructing one’s “own Home”.
He has built this enterprise over this foundation – Honest Quality and Transparent Service.
Our Ethos, Vision and Diligence have been crowned with success, all through the years of the enterprise, with multiple successful projects and many more hearts won to our accolades.


The symbol of the high-rise buildings and the company name “Singh Pride” is collectively referred to as the Singh Pride Logo.

The company’s name is sourced from the owners’ pride in their community, which represents – Honesty, Grit & Trust.

The word “Singh” is represented in artistic text form, representing the dynamism and creativity behind the face of the organization. The solid, firm typeface of the word “Pride” represents the solidity of the emotion and the enterprise. It emphasizes accountability and responsibility as integral parts of the organization’s ethos.

The arc depicts the curve of the Earth. It conveys the potential of the enterprise … to have an influence in the whole world.

The color Maroon represents Wisdom, Depth, Passion. The color dark-Grey has been taken from the color of cement, and represents Neutrality & Balance.